A List of our Current Target Races

Center Street PAC continues to evaluate races, based on candidates and where our data shows we can be competitive.  We look at a bipartisan mix of profile, odds of success and candidate merit. We also look at how extreme a candidate’s opponent is. This is a long-term effort, and we will continue to update as we become involved in more races.

Liz Cheney is the epitome of why we started Center Street. Accomplished lawmakers like Congresswoman Cheney should not be pushed out of office for failing to toe the party line. Liz Cheney has shown the courage of political conviction and putting our country before her party’s interest. She stood up for what’s right by voting for Trump’s impeachment and joining the Jan. 6 Commission, and she’s being punished for it. Cheney is facing a fierce primary challenge from a Trump-endorsed radical extremist. But our data shows Cheney is the most popular politician in the country.

Republican JD Vance is challenging Democrat Tim Ryan for the US Senate seat vacated by the retirement of Senator Rob Portman. This race is crucial as Ohio is leaning red but Vance has embraced radical positions including supporting Vladimir Putin in his invasion of Ukraine.

Incumbent is Representative Lauren Boebert, a first term Congressperson with a history of making wildly erratic and controversial statements. Her legislative history is non-existent and her behavior in Congress has been controversial at best. Her district is narrowly Republican and her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch would be a far better leader.

Populist Anthony Sabatini is running in the GOP Primary against Russell “Rusty” Roberts. Roberts is the model of a solid candidate. He is measured, intelligent, and driven to improve his district. He is the polar opposite of Sabatini, a self-described America First candidate who is purely interested in the most destructive forms of politics, so much so that he has been ostracized from his own party.

Evan McMullin is running as an independent in the race against incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee. Utah Democrats voted against nominating someone from their party to run and are throwing their support behind Evan. The January 6th Committee has revealed troubling communication, between Sen. Lee and people like Mark Meadows and John Eastman, around strategy to overtun the 2020 Presidential Election.