POLL: Trump’s Favorability Slips As More Florida Republicans Favor DeSantis

TALLAHASEE, Fla. – (July 11, 2022) – A new poll of Florida Republicans from nonpartisan political action committee Center Street PAC (www.centerstreetpac.com) shows former President Donald Trump’s favorability slipped from March to July 2022, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ popularity increased slightly. While 57% say they view Trump “very favorably,” 67% of those GOP voters surveyed view DeSantis “very favorably.”

In a March 2022 poll by Center Street, 61% of GOP voters said they viewed him “very favorably,” with 20% seeing him as “somewhat favorable.” However, Trump’s “very favorable” numbers dropped in July to 57%, with 26% of Florida Republicans viewing him as “somewhat favorable.” By contrast, DeSantis’ “very favorable” number stayed even at 67%, but he gained slightly more support, with 17% percent now viewing him as “somewhat favorable,” compared to 14% in March.

“For pundits looking for bellwether data on Trump losing his grip on the Republican Party to DeSantis, this could certainly be an indicator,” says Center Street Chief Analytics Officer Kurt Jetta. “DeSantis continues  to be viewed more favorably than Trump among Florida Republicans, with two-thirds viewing him “very favorably.”

Center Street is a nonpartisan super PAC designed to combat the destructive tribalism threatening democracy by supporting credible candidates, regardless of political party, against extremist challengers and incumbents. Founded by former Republican strategist Jacob Perry and private businessman Matt O’Brien, Center Street advocates for the election of candidates who demonstrate stable and effective governing policies. 

Center Street has developed an unparalleled data set, led by Dr. Jetta. A 30-year innovator in consumer analytics and former CEO of TABS Analytics, Dr. Jetta applies his consumer analysis developments to political analysis, allowing Center Street to determine and choose a select number of winnable races.


About Center Street PAC

Center Street (www.centerstreetpac.com) is a nonpartisan political action committee designed to combat the destructive tribalism that threatens our democracy. Center Street is focused on beating the extremist incumbents and challengers who divide us by supporting rational political candidates who promote stable and effective governing policies. Center Street’s candidates are Democrats & Republicans who have shown political courage and a willingness to put the country above a party’s interests.