Are PAC’s Nonpartisan? Why We’re Different

When you watch our introductory video featuring former Congressman and 2020 Presidential candidate, Joe Walsh, you’ll noticed the emphasis on Center Street being different from the rest of the political action committees (PAC) out there. With so much noise and so many organizations competing for your attention and hard-earned dollars, we wouldn’t blame someone for being skeptical. Like us, you want a government free of extremists from both parties. But why give to Center Street? In a sea of PACs, how are we any different?

What’s Different About Center Street PAC?

The answers are simple.

  1. Center Street is actually nonpartisan: We will support any candidate for federal office, whether they’re Democrat, Republican or independent, as long as they are credible, rational people who put America’s interests above their personal or party interests. They must be focused on advancing policies, instead of generating controversy.
  2. We don’t target safe seats: Most PACs aim only to establish a national message, and if they do enter a race, it’s usually for safe seats. But there’s no reward in doing that just to make a point. Center Street wants to make a difference in races and is only focusing where we can have an impact.
  3. Our data set is unparalleled: Our analytics expert is Dr. Kurt Jetta, a 30-year innovator in the field of consumer analytics and applies his consumer analysis innovations to our political analysis.

What Sets Us Apart

That data set is what really sets us apart, which allows us to determine which races to get involved in. It also makes your hard-earned donation go further. We use highly individualized data and analytics to review races. What does that mean?

Instead of political polling that traditionally focuses on the “horse race”, we look for ways to win, and target what we call “persuadable voters.” Dr. Jetta takes the innovative consumer approach he developed for CPG companies and applies it to political research.

What Makes People Vote?

We want to know what makes people vote, what they’re looking for in a candidate. To find it, we survey potential voters, looking at four categories: :

  1. Awareness
  2. Favorability
  3. Polarization
  4. Enthusiasm

With that information, Center Street can identify gaps in the different areas for our candidates and make smart strategic decisions. This model isn’t meant to identify undecided voters who can be typically moved by a candidate’s rally. It’s meant to find the voters who can be persuaded.

No other PACs or political campaigns think this way. It’s an utter game-changer, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional political polling.

With better targeting, cost-efficiency and highly effective data, Center Street’s data puts your dollars to good use – winning races and combating partisan extremism.

Read more about our analytics and be sure to come back to for more.