Data drives our decision making. The use of information on a broad field of candidates to give specifics both for national and local candidates. Our unique methodology allows a more accurate and more up-to-date picture of each race and each electorate.

Popularity Scores give a consistent view of how a candidate is viewed broadly in their district, state, or nationally. By evaluating a candidate’s broad likeability we can see their ability to appeal to broad voter blocks. This helps us see how undecided, late deciding, and voters without a strong preference may break in a tight race.

Rationality works in the market. Right now many observers conflate the knowledge of an officeholder or candidate with approval of that person. Some of our most well-known politicians are our most disliked, and some that we hear often disparaged in media are most widely respected.

The difference of our analytical method is that, unlike most pollsters we are not measuring the horse race. Rather, we focus on the drivers of voting behavior: awareness, polarization, favorability, and enthusiasm. We identify voter groups and locations where investment is required to improve these drivers, and that is where we place our efforts.