About Us

We are a political action committee focused on promoting rationality through assisting the election of candidates who demonstrate stable and effective governing policies.

Federal politics has become a race to the bottom. Many of our elected officials seek only to generate attention through controversy on cable news and social media.  Their objective is to generate publicity and raise money, rather than advance policy goals. Without organized and goal-oriented advocacy for rational politicians, the political sphere will be surrendered to fringe extremists.

Center Street is a group of concerned citizens. We’re not political operatives, lobbyists or insiders trying to cash in on a fragile political state in America. We come from all walks of life and from across the country, and our purpose is simple: combat extremism. We will work to help elect people to Congress who can be respected by their political allies and rivals alike, even when we inevitably disagree about policy.

Our goals sound simple, but they will take tireless effort and a long term commitment. And they’ll take each of us – including you – to achieve them.

Do we want to continue to have our politics be a soap opera, where cynical grifters inspire people to commit acts of violence at pizza joints, shopping centers, churches, parades and the Capitol building itself? Or do we want calm and rational people to examine the challenges our country faces and get to work making the lives of everyday Americans better? If you agree with us that its the latter, please join our efforts.